Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Recent Pictures

Kason enjoying the sunshine
Baby Kohen 6 weeks old

Entering the Blogging World

Well, I figure its about time I do a post, considering the fact that I have had my blog set up for weeks now. I have been converted into the blogging world by my sister after having so much fun reading her posts and seeing the wacky things her kids do. I figured this is a great way to keep record of the silly random acts of my boys....especially Kason, as he is becoming quite the little character. He is officially entering the terrible twos. June 17, is the official day he will hit the milestone, although I feel like we have been enduring the naughty behavior and tantrums for many many months now. Its not helping that he is cutting all four fangs right now and is also in the transition to the toddler bed. (ie..lack of sleep for him and us!!!!) Nick and I weren't quite ready for that, but one night Kason decided it was time, and out of the crib he climbed. That night was VERY interesting, as it consisted of numerous trips back to bed until about 11pm when he finallydozed off after crying and saying...."love you daddy" over and over. Nick, who can be quite the softie, wanted to give in and let him lay with us. So I had to be the mean one, and be persistent with him. Nick is now on board with the "silent return" after seeing that it was the ONLY thing that works. We are down to zero trips out of bed at night, but he still attempts to get up at about 5:30....NOT OKAY! We are working on that:) I will keep updating on that situation.
Kohen is doing great and growing fast. He will be 2 months old on Friday, and is no longer a "newborn" as he is now taking after his older brother and fighting sleep all day and night. These boys dont want to miss a thing! Unfortunately, their mothers favorite past time is sleeping, so we are experincing quite a dramatic clash in the Pintler household. Luckily, I am very blessed to have such a wonderful hubby who is a HUGE help and lets me catch some extra z's whenever possible. I couldnt do it without him!
We are excited for summer and have been working on re-doing our backyard, adding an outdoor living area. Its been fun, but I am anxious for it to be finished so we can just enjoy it. It will come with time, I just need to be patient! Nicks been doing all the work himself and is proving himself to be quite the handyman. I will post pics when its all done. I Hope everyones doing well! I hope to be updating with new posts weekly....We'll see how that goes:)