Thursday, November 6, 2008

Family Pictures

We FINALLY got our act together and got some family pictures taken. These are the first ones since last summer, and poor Kohen hasnt had any taken of him till now! We are lucky to have aunt Shelly as our personal photographer and she did a great job, as usual. Kason was running around like crazy the whole time. I discovered that 2yr olds are extremely difficult to take pictures of. He wouldnt sit still!! Thats why there are none of him solo, we were lucky to get the shots we did:) Here are some of my favorites. Thank you Shelly!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween was a lot of fun this year for us. This is the first year Kason really understood what was going on and so he was able to enjoy all the fun and festivities. When we first got his costume, he was a little freaked out by it, and refused to put it on. But once Kohen got his on and Kason was able to see his little brother in a costume, he lightend up a bit.
First we went trick or treating to Grandma and Grandpa Pintler's house, then we went with the Daines family to their annual ward "trunk or treat" party. Kason LOVED it! He was making friends with all the little kids in costumes, it was cute to watch my little batman running around. Our last stop of the night was the Kenworthy house, where we had yummy donuts and cider, and ate way too much candy!

Nick and baby "Robin"

All my Boys Trunk or Treating


Kohen with Grandma Lori

On Saturday night Nick and I had our turn celebrating. We went to a halloween party with some friends. We went along with the super hero theme and were Superman and Supergirl. We had lots of fun getting dressed up! Pics to come from that. havent downloaded them yet. BUt I knew if I waited, I would never post!!