Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 Months!

I am in a bit of denial here, I do not want to be doing this post. Maybe thats why its a week late. But, I skipped the 2 and 3month milestone post, so this is a must. My sweet, precious, lovable, squeezable, cuddly, chubby littlest man has hit the 4 month mark. We have officailly gone from newborn to infant. Don't get me wrong, I love more than anything to watch him grow and see his personality start to develop. I just LOVE newborn stage, and it doesnt last long enough! This little fatty is weighing in at 16lbs and is wearing 6-9 month clothes! What?? How is this possible? He is by far our biggest baby at this stage in the game. It will be interesting to see how he compares to the other boys as he gets older. I find myself noticing so many qualities (mainly physical so far) that I see in each of the other boys. He is SUCH a mix of the two. At first, I thought he looked more like Kohen, then I thought Kason, now I cant decide. He's got the top half of his head like Kason (except the hair line which is no doubt exactly like Nicks-widows peak) and then the lower half is like Ko, the mouth and jaw line. I need to dig up old pics of the boys at the same age and for this post to come....:)

He is the most adorable little butterball in the world, and his sweet little spirit has brought so much joy to our home. He is such a good baby, his only quirk being that he is a stubborn sleeper like Kason was. He HATES to go to sleep and protests beyond belief. Once he does, fall asleep, he doesn't stay that way for very long:) BUT, even when he is in desperate need of a nap, he is still happy and well behaved, so I cant complain too much! I am hoping that his naps will start to become a little more organized and a bit longer so I can start to get into a steady routine, which is what I need and love!

He has FINALLY started enjoying tummy time, it took forever!!! But, he is now pushing up on his arms an liftting up (kason seriously mastered this at like a week old, I didnt realize at the time, but he was SUCH a strong baby!) He is also grabbing a playing with toys and loves to play with his hands:) His favorite place to be is the swing, and he also prefers to nap there....a habit I am trying to break!! And second to his swing is his exersaucer. He LOVES to use his legs so this has been great for him to be able to 'stand up' with support. He loves his brothers already, and the boys love to entertain him and actually fight daily over who gets to sit closest to him. Cute but annoying. They seriously duke it out....boys will be boys I guess! But Kashton watches their every move and is learning so much from them...both the good and the bad!

He is sleeping fairly well at night, it could be much worse. He goes down at night around 8 and wakes somtime between 3 and 5 for a feeding then goes back to sleep till 730 or 8. In a perfect world, he would skip that early am feeding, but that will happen soon enough so I am ok with it:) He HATES being in the car, which is new to me....both Kason and Ko loved it and I could always rely on a little nap in the car if need be. But for this stubborn little man, he is not having it. He screams probably 75% of the time we are in the car....doesnt that sound lovely??? It seems as though he is mad at the fact that he is staring at the back of a seat, he wants to be able to see what is going on and he feels left out. Poor little bubba:) Luckily, this seems to be subsiding a bit, now that he can play with his little toy bar attachment, that seems to be helping. Which brings me to my next point....he loves attention and to be entertained. (another Kason quality) he thrives off interaction and fusses when left alone. Now that he is developing the ability to 'play' with toys, he is a bit more content on his own at times, but usually not for very long. Luckily I love giving him attention as much as he likes to recieve it. I love baby stage and am trying to soak up every last bit of it as possible before its gone:(

So bear with me as I enter picture overload. As I said before, I skipped the 2 and 3 month postings so I am playing catch up on pics here. There are so many that I had to do a few collages to condense them. It is so funny to see so many expressions and compare them side by side. He has so many 'faces' and I love them all. My favorite is his chubby face where his cheeks all squish together. Love it. I am slightly frustrated. however at the fact that he refuses to smile for the camera. He will be all smiley and full of personality, and  whenever I get the camera out and he freezes and stares like a deer in headlights. I have yet to get his real smile and personality captured. This makes me so mad because his smile is priceless!! But the pics I do have are still dang cute. I love this little man.

These are all taken around the 6 week mark

These were taken about a week before he turned 2 months and are my fave! He was having a chubby day

These were from his little 2 month photo shoot:)

Around 2.5 months

 3 month photo shoot

 These are from a few weeks ago, about 3.5 months old

The Picture at the top is one of the most recent I have. I took a bunch trying to get a good recent one of him for the christmas card. I got a couple, and will post them all together with the other Christmas pics and posts, hopefully in the next week or so. I do feel a routine starting to take shape as of the last week or 2, so hopefully I can start blogging more consistnetly again!