Tuesday, November 29, 2011


THanksgiving is such a great holiday. I was a bit annoyed this year that all the retailers seemed to go straight from Halloween to Christmas without giving Turkey Day it's much deserved 'turn' in the spotlight. Its a bit pitiful that its all about profit and revenue, ugh, I could go on...but I wont!! Anyways we had SUCH a lovely relaxing Thanksgiving this year. We hosted at our house, but it was very mild and low key and I actually enjoyed preparing the home and food. We were with 'Nick's side' this year, and unfortuately, Mike had to work, and Shelly was out of town, so we didnt get to see them. But it was still fabulous. Lots of yummy food and great conversation.

We are so blessed and so thankful for all that we have. Most of all, family and eachother. Everything else is just a bonus. I am so incredibly thankful for my amazing and hard working husband and the awesome daddy and example he is for our 3 little boys. He has been busting his butt lately working 2 jobs to provide a great future for us. I am thankful that he has the opportunity and ability to work and he is so good at what he does. LOVE this man. and LOVE my kids! And I LOVE having a day solely devoted to focusing on and appreciating all the amazing things in our lives!

Handsome Boys Ready for the Feast!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Halloween came and went so incredibly fast this year. Here I am blogging about it, nearly 2 weeks later, and I feel like it was just a few days ago! And to think Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away...yikes. I didn't think it was possible, but having a 3rd child makes the time fly even faster! Although we had tons of fun celebrating this year, I was just not as 'in to it' this year. I did the bare minimum to keep the kids happy, nothing above and beyond. Luckily the kids were super easy in their demands for costumes. Kason wanted to be a MotoCross rider which was sooo easy since we have all the gear. And then Kohen fell in love with our Buzz Costume (Kason wore 2 years ago) and was happy with that. All I did was get Kashton a shark costume on clearance at Old Navy. Thats what I am talking about. My kind of holiday:)

Festivites began on the Thursday prior to Halloween. We had the Harvest Party at the Kinder Center for Kason. The kids all put on a costume parade in the gym then we went around and played games in the classroom. It was a fun night for the whole family. It was fun to see Kason in his environment and see him interact with friends and his teacher. Then on Saturday night we went to our ward party, which was a great time. I was so very impressed with the costumes that people had on! So much creativity and hard work! I felt a little 'lazy' in my regular clothes:) Maybe next year I will have the ambition to dress up. I got some great ideas! And can I just say how much we love our ward?! They sure know how to throw a party, it was a fabulous turn out, so many people came to celebrate. And the kids had so much fun. Oh, and the food was to DIE for! Love those lds potlucks:)

On 'acutal' Halloween we had a little party at our house. Mainly used it as a 'hub' for the trick-or-treaters to warm up and fill their bellies and a place for the moms to stay with babies while daddys took big kids out.  I think its safe to say that this will become a new tradition. It was great for the cousins to be able to celebrate the holiday together. They all seemed to have so much fun, and I think there were a few great memories made!!

Here are the Halloween Pics that I captured. As of lately, see previous posts, my pictures are not the best. I am lucky to get the ones I do. Too busy holding a baby to juggle a camera! :)

My big boys-Rider and Buzz

 This is during the costume parade at the harvest party. Kason was terrified:)

My little shark at the ward party-love the drool face

Watching the young women perform their dance at the ward party. Ko was intrigued. No surprise there

 Kason and Carson (2nd cousin) after trick-or-treating

 My mom and aunt Lisa, had to include, thought this was cute:)

This was the entire gang. good times!

This is my very favorite pic of the entire holiday weekend. I love his squishy face!