Friday, November 30, 2012


I REALLY want to be caught up on the blog before the new year, so I am cramming the month of October into 1 simple post. Reality is there wasn't much excitement anyways, obviously Halloween and the prep for it. But other than that, pretty uneventful, so this should be an easy task....

Buddy Bear
Kohen got to spend a week with Buddy Bear from his school. He got to come along on all of our adventures for the week, and then we journaled about it. It was a fun little activity:) One of the things we did was go to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins....

 Pumpkin Patch!
This one was a bit heavy for the K Man


Checking out the hugest pig I have ever seen!!

Kashton Chasing turkeys....

 Searching for 'the one'

 He was loving playing in the dirt, oh, and eating his donut....

All the boys, Kashton hiding behind a pumpkin

Carving Time!

 Not so sure about the pumpkin guts

 Proof!!! Who really carves the pumpkins?? Daddy of course!!

Love this, they look so much alike :)

Not sure what this look is, but I am in love

Kason's huge pumpkin!!

At the costume parade at Kason's school's Harvest Party. LOVE his teachers sock monkey costume!!

Halloween Night!
Party at our house!

The little monster with a filthy face

The whole gang

He felt so special to be included in the pic

Kohens turtle face

The devil paid us a visit :) love ya Linds!

Kason and Kora

Discovered his love for suckers......

His expression when it was all gone. Poor little man

Snacks after trick-or-treating!!

Misc Pics from October.....

He is just getting too big!!

Love his lips

Big Brother Kohen
Kason was at school during the photo-op:)

Taking advantage of some mild October temps playing outside. Kashton's fave place to be!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

September Celebrations

Wrapping up September in this post.....

September is full of anniversaries on the Pintler side of of the family. This year felt extra significant for a couple being that my in-laws celebrated the big 50th! It was so great to celebrate with them, we had a lovely little get together at Shelly and Ricks house and it was a perfect day. They are such an example of marriage and I am so blessed to be able to follow in their footsteps with their amazing son.

Shelly and Rick also celebrate their anniversary on the 1st of September, and then Mike and Danielles is on the 7th. Glad Nick and I carried on the tradition. September really is the best month to get married!!

For Nick and I, September 24th marked 7 years of marriage this year. Not a milestone or anything, BUT our celebration still felt extra special this year. Maybe because we have spent a lot of time apart this year with Nick working more than usual, we really wanted to something a bit more exciting than dinner and a movie, so we decided to stay at the resort for the weekend. It was perfect to be home, yet still away from home. We were able to include the kids, but still have a lot of alone time. It was just perfect. We took the boys swimming the first day for a bit and they had an absolute blast. They love the water and had the whole pool and hot tub to themselves. After swimming the boys went home with Connor who babysat overnight for us!! Trooper!! So Nick and I had the rest of the day and evening to ourselves. We did some shopping, lounging, relaxing, eating and spent time walking around gorgeous downtown cda. It was a perfect day in every sense of the word.

The next day after taking advantage of sleeping in, Connor brought the boys down to us at the resort and we all had the amazing Sunday brunch. Yummo. Certainly something everyone must experience at least once. The boys were in heaven with all the deliciousness offered, and of course so were Nick, Connor and I. I am a sucker for brunch, and this did not disappoint. Once our bellies were filled, we headed to the pool for round 2. I loved watching the boys have such a great time. 

Its a little blurry, but the cuteness makes up for it!

 I Also love Nick and Kash in the background. So cute


After swimming we ventured around downtown. Went to FigPickles and browsed around and played with all their fun toys. Love that little store. Then we went to the Cda Park Playground and let the boys burn off some energy.

Kash was IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of....this was as good as we could get!!

Definitely a weekend to remember! Love my little family!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Back to School~2012

Here we are! Kason starting Kindergaren as a big 6 year old and Kohen starting Pre-School. These boys are getting SO big and SO handsome!! 

Taken the night before the big day!

Those are tattoos allover Kason. The boys were in a a tattoo obsession phase at the time

Look at this handsome devil! 
Soon he will be in the back to school pics too!
 Time moves too fast!!

Lionhead Camping 2012

For 3 years in a row now, we have been able to get a coveted spot on beautiful Priest Lake at their Lionhead group camp. This place is truly like no other. Probably the most peaceful place you can imagine. Crystal clear water, sandy beach, showers, full kitchen, and nature at its finest. What more could you want? Cell service perhaps? That is a big fat NO for this area. Last year, I enjoyed this aspect, being forced to 'unplug' from the world. However, this year it added a ton of stress to the whole experience. Nicks job is not exactly 'unplug friendly', so he was constantly feeling overwhelmed not knowing what tasks may need attention and what emails he was missing out on. But we still managed to have a TON of fun and even relaxed just a wee bit. We had a trailer which made it bearable. It would have been interesting with the Kash man in a tent.... yikes. Probably will take the year off from this tradition next year, but cant wait to be able to go back. 

Wish I would have had the panoramic feature on my phone while we were here!! These pics just don't quite do justice!!

So, this little man is OBSESSED with the water. 
He was a fish. No fear, all play.

This pic was one of my faves from the whole trip

Trying to get Ko to cooperate. Not interested in pictures

Beach Boy!

Kohen caught a little frog. He was quite proud

Showing it off....

Nick made a little ladder for the boys to climb up this pole to jump off of. They loved it

Absolutely LOVED his goggles

Kason's turn for the big jump

Fishing time....ahh so peaceful there

Kash in camo, ready for bed

Camping Breakfast, complete with hot cocoa of course!

The best camping neighbors ever!

Sent the boys on a scavenger hunt, turned out to be a lot of work for the organizers!!! 
Not exactly what we had in mind!!

Love this of the boys

Kohen said he was digging for China. He never made it

The cutest, dirtiest face.

Awe, missing our blue baby, which we sold at the end of summer. Was becoming too small for this huge family!! Hoping for a new one in the next year or 2!!

All the fellas

Mama and Kason

Notice the grouch face Nick has??? This was his go-to expression the whole trip. Ha! Love you anyways babe

Campfires and Marshmallows!! 

Hope to see again you soon Priest Lake!!