Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter festivities were hosted at our house this year. We had family over, yummy food, and a fun egg hunt for the kids and cousins. The only bad part about the day is that I was sick with a little flu bug, almost had to cancel, so I struggled to keep up my energy level. But I managed to survive and it was a fun and successful day. We even got a few good family pics that day! :)

Saturday Egg Coloring

 Kohen and yet another silly face....(see previous post)

Love this pic of my boys!!

The finished product

Easter Sunday
I dont have any pics of Easter Sunday morning with the kids and their basktets:( I was too sick to get up, didnt even get to see them hunt for eggs or 'open' thier basktets. So sad. But I was in survival mode! :)

 What do you know....another silly face from Ko! :)
ps-kashton looks HUGE

 Family Pic :)

 Kason on the move to get those eggs!!

 Handsome Kohen

 Baby Kash finding eggs-with grandpa Jacks help:)

 The boys and their loot! Love this pic of Kason

 All 3 of them, not interested in taking pictures....

Extended Family Pic :) Pintler Side

All the cousins with Grandma and Grandpa Kenworthy
Missing Boden and year!! :)

Kohen's 4th !

Look how much he has grown up this year!!
A few weeks ago, the little Ko man had his birthday and turned 4! He was my baby for so long that this doesnt seem possible. He is crossing over from toddler, to little boy right before my eyes. I miss my little baby Ko, but am so proud of the boy he is becoming. He is extremely stubborn and strong willed....difficult to discipine (he laughs at us), but also is one of the sweetest spirts and has such a tender heart. He also has the funniest personality and is so creative with his thought process. Its hard to convey this trait in writing, must be witnessed first hand, but I love this about him. He is quite the little entertainer. I could, and want to go on and on, about him...but need to get these pics posted! I am waay behind and events and holidays are piling up! So, For his party this year, he was dead set on a Spiderman theme. It was fairly easy to execute and carry out so I was happy with his choice. The kids all decorated super hero masks then had a 'web battle' using silly string. It was messy but entertaining!  He had such a fun day and is so happy to FINALLY be 4! Here are pics from his big day!!

 He was so proud of his cake!

 He is into making silly faces for the camera lately.....

 All the kids with their masks before the battle

 Nick post battle.
Orininal plan was not to spray eachother...but he started it. The kids got him good

 Such intensity watching the lighting process

 Getting ready to blow!!

 Another silly face......

 His new stuffed spiderman from neighbor/babysitter/friend Kaeli. He LOVED this gift!

He also got a costume, he has been asking for one for months. LOVE this pic of spiderman and his sidekick:)

A few minutes after this picture was taken, Kohen interupted the party to inform everyone that he had to 'go save the world now' as he headed up the stairs. It was so cute. HE is so cute. LOVE him so much

Happy 4th Birthday Kohen!!