Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

With the early snowfall (and record breaking for the month of November) I have been in the Christmas spirit for quite sometime now. I couldn't wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving so I felt okay about getting our tree. I know it was early, but I wanted to enjoy the beauty and fragrance for as long as possible:) So the Saturday following Thanksgiving we ventured out into a blizzard to find our tree.  The snow was so crazy that we could barely even see the tree we purchased....covered in snow. The overall shape was perfect, so we packed it in the truck and headed home. After a few hours of allowing the snow to melt, we brought it inside and had a little decorating party. We had sooo much fun! Kason especially had a great time since he is my detail oriented little guy. He took his time making sure every ornament was perfectly placed (according to him, my opinion was of course different). Kohen was content tossing a few ornaments here and there and managing to break more Christmas balls than he actually placed on the tree. I let the boys decorate, and I spent my time taking pictures trying to capture their joy and smiles. Love this time of year!!!

That Monday, only 3 days after getting our tree, I noticed it started looking dry and faded. I had been very diligent about watering it so I am convinced we got a dud for a tree. So much for fragrance and beauty all month long!! Next year, I will try to have a bit more patience and wait an extra week or so before getting it and will also not buy a tree so covered in snow that I cant see it. Lesson learned:) Still looks good from afar, I just need to get some evergreen scented candles and all will be well!