Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kohen's 2nd Bday!

I cant believe it, but my baby turns 2 today. Such a bittersweet moment. He has been the most enjoyable baby since the day he was born. I feel so blessed to have his sweet little spirit in our home. He is the most laid back, easy going little guy on the planet. He just goes with the flow and is happy no matter what he is doing. (He gets that trait from his dad...Kason and I are the exact opposite) Its funny, because Kohen was not exactly "planned" but I honestly cannot imagine our family without him, he brings all of us into balance and makes me so happy. Lesson learned: Sometimes it is a huge blesssing when things dont go according to plan:) I love my little Ko Man for all that he is, and all that he brings to our family. Here are some of my favorite moments from birth until now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOHEN!!! Party posts and pics to follow:)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung...Officially!!

We are so excited to welcome Spring! Even though we have been extremely spoiled this year in the weather department and have been enjoying spring-like weather through most of March its still nice to make it official. Moving towards even warmer weather, green grass and colorful flowers blooming. My boys love to play outside, and since I loathe the cold weather (anything under 50 is impossible for me to be out in...55 I can tolerate) I am excited to be able to go outside and play with them without freezing to death. We have had a few days when that was the case, and have had a blast on those days. Looking forward to more to come...bring it on Mother Nature!!! Here are some pics of those "warm" days I was speaking of. I have been playing around with the picnik software and have been having tons of fun photo editing....see collages below....Kiley has been my inspiration here, she does the most fun things with her pictures!! Now, if only I had one of those amazing slr cameras....it sure would make a great bday gift (....hint hint to a certain husband who may be reading this...) Happy Spring to all!!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010