Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The lost camping trip of 2011

As I was organizing and uploading pictures the other day, I came across this batch of pictures that was never blogged! And it surprised me so much because this was such a fun trip we had, how could I have forgotten to post about it?? This was a camping trip we took to Porcupine Bay late in the year (if I remember right it was in early September when we got lucky with a HOT weekend) We still had Shelly and Ricks camping trailer we had borrowed for Priest Lake so we took advantage. My parents and Connor came up which added both fun and extra helping hands. We love this place and love going with the Kenworthy clan. It is an annual tradition and this was the only time we got to go due to the crazy busy summer! I love camping pics! Its giving me the itch for summer already.....

 The handsomest boat driver ever

Connor WakeSurfing

 Grandpa Randy did it too!!!! Awesome!

I love this pic

Such a trooper! He did amazing

The KoMan. Notice the knife in his belt

Kason showing off the knife that Nick chisled out of a piece of wood. Yes I am serious

Hello 2012!!

Since we are beginning a new year, I figured now would be a good time for a much needed update on the Pintler Family. With pregnancy, and baby, a busy summer, school starting, holidays and many other things, its no surprise I haven't kept up on the blogging as much as I would in an ideal world. I am actually surprised I've kept up as much as I have! The major events such as bdays and camping trips and holidays have of course been documented, but I have failed to post on all of the little changes and new things the big boys are up to. Kashton has been stealing the spotlight for the past 5 months, both moms attention, as well as camera time and blogging posts. I have, in this time, failed to mention how awesome these 2 older boys are! I am such a proud mama. They have more that accepted baby Kashton into our family. They love him to pieces and fight over who gets to sit by him, or who gets to give him his paci, etc, etc. I feel so blessed and so lucky to have these 3 handsome boys! Kason and Kohen are already proving themselves to be great examples to baby brother. Kashton is so lucky to have these two crazies to learn tricks from. He always watches, eyes open as wide as can be, the boys' wresting matches and fun games they play. I can tell he already wants to join in the fun. I am wondering how I will handle another boy in the mix of all the rough-housing that goes on. The noise level cannot possibly increase.....can it????

Kason, my big kindergartner is loving school. He is getting better and better everyday at reading, writing and math. I love seeing the progress he is making. He loves to count and add numbers together, although very simple, he is still grasping the concepts:) I had his parent/teacher conference back in November, which I was a bit nervous for, but found out he is doing quite well! I was worried since he is such a young Kindergartner with his June bday...in fact, I debated waiting to next year to put him in, but I got very positive feedback in the academic department. Behaviorally and socailly, she basically described Nick as a child....very impulsive, social and busy:) He has a very hard time not talking to his classmates and staying on task. But I cant say I am surprised there! She also said he is a very good leader and all the other kids gravitate to him. I loved hearing that:) He is so much like his daddy in that sense! Lucky boy!

Kohen has taken over the role as 'big brother' in the house while Kason is at school, and has become my little buddy and helper. I love this kid to itty bitty pieces. He has the most fun and unique personality and I cant help but smile and laugh at him and the things he says and does, even when he is being naughty:) He has been growing both physically (finally!!) and socailly....he has been talking up a storm! When Kason is around, he tends to dominate the conversations (as all older siblings do) which doesn't give Ko as many opportunities to talk and carry on. So when Kason is at school, Ko is such a chatterbox! I love listening to him tell stories, he is so creative and thinks of the funniest details. He is also back in preschool and loves it. He goes only 2 days a week, on the days I teach, and gets to get picked up by grandpa Jack. Then he gets to go over to their house (where Kashton spends his tues/thurs mornings) and play. He absolutely loves his time with grandpa and grandma and I am loving that he gets this one on one time with them, its been a great thing for him.

Nick has transitioned into a new job over the past couple of months and is now working as the director of business development for a software company in Liberty Lake called Gravity Jack. At first, he was trying to do both... working part time for GJ, while maintaining his invlovement at Henry-Griffits, but it quickly became an impossible task. He had to make the difficult decision to leave HG which was bittersweet. He has loved that job, but it was time to choose one or the other. This new job of course has been a lot more demanding of Nick's time and it has been an adjustment for all of us with him adding more work hours and travel to his plate, but the opportunity could not be passed up! This company is such a great fit for him and is so refreshing for both of us. He has found a new passion and he is so excited to show people the amazing technology they have developed, known as Augmented Reality, or AR. It is seriously the future of technology GJ is bringing it to the masses. We both feel so very blessed to be given the opportunity to be involved with the introdution and evolution that is about to take place. Nick is so good at what he does, and GJ is equally blessed to have Nick on their sales team. When not at work, his spare time is spent being daddy, and he is dang good at that job too!

As for me, my main role is of course MOM. It is constant, neverending and exhausting, but yet I wouldn't change a thing. Most of my days for the last 5 months have consited of feeding, changing and dealing with the littlest K, and when I have a 'break' from him during his naps I am busy catering to the demands of the older boys. Each day is so busy just keeping up with the needs of the kids, house, husband and myself that the days are just literally whizzing on by. Ironically my 'work' actually feels like more of a break and I love what I do and that I am able to be so flexible with my time. I am only teaching 4 classes a week, and only seeing 1 private client, so its very minimal, but is a perfect schedule for now. I basically am 'forced' to find the time to workout, and then as a bonus, I get paid for it! :) I have been teaching Booty Barre classes mostly, which I am addicted to. I have a new love at the studio! I still always love my Pilates, but this is just kicked up a notch in intensity and fun. Love doing it, love teaching it! I hope to be able to add more classes into my schedule, but for now, this is plenty:)

I cannot believe how fast 2011 flew by. It was a challenging year for us with lots of changes and transition into new and exciting things. I have a feeling 2012 will be one of our best years yet! Can't wait to see what is in store for our family!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Celebration 2011

Here I am, a month late, posting about Christmas. This month has flown by and I am in that 'place' of being overwhelmed with all the blogging I need to catch up on. Life is so busy! I figure a little post is better than none, so here is my quick re-cap of Christmas. It was SO very wonderful and enjoyable this year! Much better for me than last year was when I was in the early stages of pregnancy. I had the energy and enthusiasm to keep up this time! My favorite thing about Christmas is watching my boys and their excitement around all the festivities, and it seems to get even better as they get older.

Christmas Eve morning we picked up the boys from grandmas annual cousin sleep over-gift shopping-play time extravaganza. I am amazed that my mom has the energy to follow through with this every year! It gets a little more wild each year as more grandkids get added into the mix! Luckily she had lots of help (grandpa Randy, Blake, Connor etc). Keeping with tradition, all cousins recieved matching Christmas PJs. They all looked so cute! What a fun little crowd of crazies!

The evening was celebrated at our house, complete with BOTH sides of the family. Doesnt get any better than that! We had enjoyed great conversation and time together as well as lots of yummy food. Oh and of course, the new tradition of the white elephant gift exchange which is always loads of fun. Here is the ONLY picture I took the whole evening :(    I must have been too busy playing hostess.....

Christmas morning was a whirlwind, opening presents and getting ready for church. I love having Christmas fall on a Sunday, but it does make for a busy morning. The boys had so much fun opening presents. Although we did have to have a lesson on being thanful for what we get. With two boys they both want the EXACT same things...however it is not practical to buy 2 of every thing. So each boy had their fair share of 'wanting' what brother got. Made for some interesting moments...but all was well in the end:) After the gifts were opended and the house was thouroghly destroyed we headed over to Spokane and went to church with my parents. All 5 siblings and families were there which was awesome! Dinner then was at the Kenworthy home....and of course the food was exceptional. Yummy, I love me some Christmas dinner.


5 Months Old

Ok, ok! Yes, it is true, Kashton is now almost SIX months! BUT....I had some cute pics of him I took on his 5 month 'birthday' and just HAD to blog them. He is such a handsome fun little devil. LOVE him to itty bitty pieces!!