Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Festivities

We had a blast this year during the holiday season ( I can say that now since it is over...might have thought otherwise in the midst of the craziness) We experienced our first year as "hosting" the holiday. Yep, I made a FULL Christmas dinner, of course my mom and sis brought a lot of the side dishes and Nick "prepped" the turkey so I cant take all the credit. We also hosted Christmas eve and had the Pintler side over for that. We had so much fun getting to spend good quality time with both sides of the family this year.

Another highlight was that both boys were very aware and into the holiday spirit and anticipation. It made it so much fun to see them both get so excited and have so much fun with cousins and family. On Christmas morning Kason claimed to have heard Santa Claus saying "hohoho" during the night. Whether he dreamed that or simply made it up, Nick and I sure got a kick out of it:)

And again this year, I made an enormous amount cookies and goodies. I felt like I was baking for 2 straight weeks. I love to bake, so this part was actually fun for me. My "helpers" however, made things interesting.....

KO Man applying the Decor

And then enjoying his hard work

Kasons Turn

Action shot

 Kason decided he wanted his own tree in the playroom and we happened to have a fake one in storage that worked perfectly.  

And the "real tree". Notice the crooked had a mind of its own
Christmas Eve...Kohen with one of the most popular Christmas presents of the night...the toy drill. It goes with a toy truck (takes it apart and puts it back together) but we found many uses for it

Nick performing his fatherly duties and putting together a workbench on Christmas Eve...notice the drill again. It was more helpful than Nicks real one :)

Nick and I and the toy drill I was way to impressed with

Opening presents Christmas morning. One of the few pictures I got
Kason and Kora on Christmas Day...they had a blast. Thanks Grandma Lori for the matching PJS!!

Love this one....notice Canon sneaking cookies. This is funnier if you've seen this video taken by Kiley

Kohen learning the Wii...uncle Connor is the best!!
Kason looking so handsome and so big! This is one of my favorite pics all season:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Pintlers Highlights of 2009

 Kohens 1st Birthday 3/31/2009

Kason's 3rd Bday 6/17/2009

This picture was included to document the hillarious behavior of Kason. Notice the extremely concerned look on his face. The Pinata he begged and pleaded for was about to be attacked by a gang of 3 yr olds and suddenly that was not such a great idea, even if it was full of candy. The pinata ended up being a new toy...going everywhere with Kason for weeks. I almost went crazy having to clean up the lovely shreds of red tissue paper that were left all over the house.


Camping at Lake Rossevelt July
We had a BLAST!!

Kason and Connor Camping

 Blake Arriving Home from his Mission 8/6/09!!!!!

Our road trip to Brady and Whitney's Wedding  

Ko with uncle Con @the wedding

        Mr and Mrs Brady Kenworthy. I love this Pic!


Nick and I on our 4th Anniversary

Halloween with Buzz and Woody 

This day marked Kason's newest obsession: Buzz Lightyear

Happy 2010!

Although I have been absent from the blogging world for many months now, I have decided that the new year is the best time to jump back in. So here we go! I do have to admit that after looking back to the few posts I did do (way back in 08), it was so great to relive those times and bring back those fun memories that I had ALREADY forgotten about.

Not to make excuses for myself, but 2009 was an absolute whirlwind of changes and craziness. I felt at times this last year that I barely had time to breathe, let alone blog. Nick has been in "transition" all year, leaving the lending world (gee, I wonder why??) ....dabbling in real estate for a few months....and settling in at Henry-Griffitts  as their Sales Director. Such an amazingly perfect fit! He is the king of sales and loves to golf (even though time has not permitted him to do so very often) So we will see where this journey takes us!

This was also my first full year working part time. I finished my "Pilates School" in the fall of 2008  and have been teaching at The Pilates Pathway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there!! I get to work with the most wonderful people and am so happy with my decision to teach. I enjoy it more than I expected to, and see myself continuing for many years to come. I do have to say that it has taken some time "adjusting" to the schedule of working 2 days a week. The boys are lucky enough to spend those days at Grandma and Grandpas house, and they love it. I am so grateful for them being willing to help out, otherwise I wouldn't probably be doing what I love:)

Also in 2009, June to be exact...we MOVED!! Our last home was just way to small for these wild boys and we were in desperate need of more space. We got a great deal on a home only 2 houses down the street, so we didnt go very far:) The move has been a wonderful change for us, and I finally have started feeling "settled" here the last few months. We hope and plan to be here a very long time. I say that after discovering how difficult moving with children is! I do NOT want to do that again any time soon!!

So there you have it....2009 in a nut shell. Photo highlights to come!!