Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kason starts Kindergarten!

The big day has finally come and gone. Last Tuesday was Kason's first day of 'big boy' school. He has loved his first week, although he has had a little anxiety when it comes time for mom to leave him there. Today was actually his first day with no tears! So we are making progress...yay:) He gets his anxiety issues from me...I had to have Kiley stay with me as long as possible everyday of my kindergarten year, so I can relate to how he feels. Everyday when I pick him up, he is all smiles and tells me all about his fun day. I know he is going to end up loving the experience. He has an awesome teacher, Mrs Hansen, who I can already tell I am going to love. I wasn't emotional at all taking him, up until the teacher read this book to the kids and parents during the parent orientation on the first day. This is when I cracked....

A must read for moms and kids ready to start school!!!

It's been bittersweet leaving him there each day, he has grown up so much and we are so proud of him and the great example he is to his little brothers! I sure miss his sweet little face each day, but know its all part of growing up....

I took so many pictures on the big day, many of which were super cute. I am stressed at the fact that those adorable pictures are currently trapped on my laptop which refuses to turn on. Luckily the hardrive is still intact, just need to get the power on! Have a call in with Toshiba on that....(another reason I need a mac!!) So these are the pictures taken on Nicks phone (iPhone saves the day) which will have to suffice until I can access the others.. Luckily they still document his cuteness.... :)

This ones super blurry due to cropping....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Month Old!

Cant believe this little bugger is a month old already! Time is just whirling by! Yes, the official 1 month bday was 3 days ago, but bettter late than never!!

This month you have grown from 6 pounds 11 ounces to nearly 10 pounds...calcutated by our highly accurate home scale while daddy held you:)

You have, without question, shown me a few of your adorable little smiles. A few, yes, have been gas related, but I KNOW I've gotten at least 3 or 4 socailly responsive smiles out of you. And they say that doesnt happen till 6 weeks. The 'experts' have no idea what they are talking about. The above picture is the closest I have gotten on camera....this may or may not have been a gas related smile:)

You are already getting so dang strong! You are so good at supporting your head and lifting up onto your arms while on your tummy (with the help of a boppy pillow)

You are an amazing eater and are getting so chubby and round. Your cheeks are getting more squeezeable each day. This is reminding me a lot of Kason at this age...he too got super chunky and round for awhile.

You LOVE bath time! Your first home bath had me worried....you screamed the whole time. But every bath since has been lovely. You are calm and mellow and seem to be so relaxed while you get all lathered up. And your brothers just LOVE helping with bath time.

Speaking of brothers...you love your big brothers SO much already. Almost as much as they love you:)
You seem to be so intrigued by them whenever they are around and already watch their every move. You are going to learn so much from them. And they just adore you. They love to hold and squeeze you:)

You sleep pretty dang good at night time. You usually are a little fussy between 8-10pm but after that 10:00 feeding (which dad does by the way, and you  both love this bonding time together) you sleep until about 3 and then again till about 6. Once you drop that 3:00 feeding, mom will be one happy camper.

You've already gotten to take part in many fun activities in your short little life so far. You've been camping and boating, to the fair, to a motocross race, to a few pool parties (although you didnt get into the pool, Im not that crazy) and many other fun adventures. You are pretty good at just going with the flow. Mom is super excited to see what this 2nd month brings about. I am looking so foward to your smiles and giggles, the previews have been amazing.

I could go on, but need to post this, as it is already 3 days tardy!


Kashton's Newborn Photos

I realized the other day that I never blogged these pictures! I dont know how this post slipped through the cracks. These were taken a few weeks back when Kashton was a tiny 10 days old. I cant believe how much he has changed already! Its amazing how much a couple pounds of baby fat can change a baby so much. We've never done newborn pics before, and I am so glad we did it this time around. Its fun to document how small they really were. Love the way they turned out, thanks again to aunt Shelly!