Monday, February 14, 2011

Filled with Love~

It is no secret that I LOVE Valentines Day. It is defintely my favorite holiday. There is nothing more fun to celebrate than 'love' and it is great to have a day to be pampered and recieve fun little gifts and thoughful gestures. Like today, I got to wake up to a Star Wars Valentine from Kason and a little note he had written. Not to mention he vacuumed for me this morning to surpise me. He is learning tricks at a very young age:) He has definitely stole my heart this Valentines Day:)

Then there is my true Valentine, my wonderful and amazing husband. He is the reason that this day has become my favorite of all holidays. I thinks its so great to have a specific day to celebrate the love we have for eachother. This year we had a simple celebration. We had an evening of shopping and dinner at PF Changs. Our dinner was of course delightful. The food was so incredibly yummy and we thouroughly enjoyed each others company without the distraction of our lovely little boys. We have so much fun together and I wish that we had more date nights! Unfourtunately, I didnt get any pictures of our date so instead I thought I would post a few of our old photos from our dating days when he stole my heart. I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful and wonderful valentine to celebrate love with..... today, and every day. He exceeds my expectations daily of what a husband and father should be. I feel so lucky and am so very proud of him.