Monday, October 25, 2010

SFR-Take 2

Due to the overwhelming number of great pictures from the reunion, I decided to make a few collages to document as many as possible. It took me a little longer to get them done, but love the way they turned out. We really did have a great time!!

This is where most afternoons were spent....relaxing on the beach.

We spent as much time as possible on the boats. Unfortunately we had to deal with some fierce wind while we were there, which made wakeboarding and 'leisure' boat rides hard to come by. The wind did, however provide for some memorable moments; Including the ladies boat ride of oreos and craziness and a rescue mission for a capsized canoe. Goodtimes!

On of the afternoons, a big group of us hiked up to the natural rock water slides. The hike was longer than any of us anticpated, but was definitely worth it each step. It would have been a lot easier to not have to carry the kids up the mountain though. The slides were great, quite something to see.

Once there, everyone suited up in a garbage bag to assist with the 'sliding'. I documented Blake and his full bodysuit which allowed him to slide head first. Craziness. Another 'something to remember' is that Kohens and mine's near death experience (slight exaggeration here). Somehow, I got going SO fast during our turn.... probably because I was using my arms to hold Kohen on my lap instead of using my hands as 'brakes'  like I should have been. Whatever the reason, we FLEW down the slide so fast that we got turned around and upside down so I spent most of my ride sliding backwards on my back using my elbows as brakes and trying desperately to keep Kohens head away from the rock underneath us. Luckily it was short and fast and was over as quickly as it began.  Kohen however was terrified. And not surprisingly did not want to go down again. I went again so I did have a positve experience and the second time was much better:)

Group Campfires

Already looking forward to the next reunion!........

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sanders Family Reunion 2010- Take 1

Here it is. The post that is nearly 2 months tardy. In my defense, I was waiting until all pictues were in my possession before I posted. But now I am overwhelmed with how many great pictures we got. So bear with me while a post a massive amount of pictures. The ones in this post were taken by Sarah G, a photograper friend of the family. She came up and spent a day at our camp, capturing some great moments. I am going to post the pictures I took with my camera seperately . We had so much fun!

Kohen Body Surfing

Our own private beach...blissfully beautiful!!

Daddy and Kason-such handsome boys!!!

Kohen, looking rather serious:)

Best Buds!! Kora and Kason

The Kenworthy Clan

The entire Sanders Clan
(Well, almost....a few people were missing)

More to come. Stay tuned......