Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Pintler boys start Pre-School!

I cant belive Kason is old enough to go to preschool. He is getting so big and so grown up. Nick and I are so proud of the little man he is becoming. He is so smart and eager to learn. We went out on a limb and decided to also enroll Kohen into. He isnt technically preschool age yet, but he is ready for some structure and we knew Kason would adjust more easily if he had the comfort of having his little brother tag along.

Their first week went very well. Kason is loving it. Kohen tries to love it, but really misses his mommy, which of course makes it difficult for me. He is quite an attached little guy, partly becuase I still baby him. This is a good thing for him and for me, he is ready to become a big boy!!

Here are the photo highlights from their first day

Love this picture! This will be blown up and framed!

Back in Action!!

Phhew!! What an amazing and fun filled summer we had this year. So many events, camping trips, birthdays, holidays, reunions,  pool time at grandmas and extra work days for me. How we managed to squeeze everything in still amazes me.  I cant believe its been over two months since my last post! I had a lack of 'spare time' this summer partly becuase I took on a job at Gozzer Ranch this year teaching their Pilates classes and private sessions. What a great place to 'work'! I got to take a boat shuttle across Cda lake and had a driver take me to the fitness facitly there where I met some great people and did what I love to do....teach:) I knew it would be an amazing opportunity for me to teach there, and I am so glad I did it....but it did really kick my behind adding two extra days to my work week. I worked Mon-Thursday all summer, and even though I was done by 1230 most days, it still was a lot to take on. It definitely gave me new found respect for moms who work full time. I am still debating whether or not I will teach at Gozzer next year....absoulutely loved it, but I sure did miss my boys!!

We did manage to spend lots and lots of family time together, and made up for my absence every weekend. Nick and I added up that we spent over 20 days camping this summer. A record for this little fam, one I dont know if we will ever beat!! We discovered that we really do love to camp. I enjoy the prep work of organizing and list making and Nick and the boys LOVE to be outside playing with dirt, sticks and campfires. And of course, we all love the lake and boat. Recipe for fun:) As predicted I wasnt able to post on all of the many events that took place, so I am playing 'catch up' and doing a few belated posts on our summer highlights.

This fall I know is going to be just as eventful, as we are looking into the idea of moving.....a word I seriously DID NOT want to enter my vocabulary for years. But we finding ourselves at a crossroads, to buy this house or not.....When we moved in  I swore I could live here forever. I love this house. The problem is lack of space outside. Our yard is nearly non-exisitent, and we are finding out how important outside space is to we will see. To be continued....