Friday, June 25, 2010

The Celebration!

Kason had quite the birthday this year! There were so many fun festivities!. The celebration began first thing Friday morning with breakfast at IHOP which was surprisingly delicious. I havent eaten there in awhile and I was actually quite impressed. After breakfast we headed over to the theater and saw Toy Story 3, which was soooo good! I think it is my favorite out of the 3. Such a great little story. I even got a little choked up a few times during the movie. I can thank my mom for that, she used to cry watching full house:) Sensitve Sanders genes. But it really was touching at times, I know I wasnt the only one getting teary eyed!

After the movie (and too much candy) we headed home to get set up for out Buzz Lightyear birthday party. The boys thankfully took decent naps while we got everything prepped. At the party the kids made rocketships out of toilet paper rolls, which actually turned out pretty cute. They had lots of fun....but  I must thank my wonderful hubby for helping with the craft while I was getting the food ready. He is always such a good sport. He is the artistic one anyway so he did a much better job than I would have.

Dinner was pizza and pasta salad....simple yet delicious. Then we of course had cake and ice cream.

Kason then got to open his presents. He got lots of fun being the nerf gun which he has been dying to get. Its quite interesting to me how obsessed my boys seem to be with guns. I definitely do not encourage the idea....I guess they are born with the desire for destruction:).

I have come to the conclusion that birthday parties become more work as the children get older and start having an opinion of their own:) But I think they also become more fun.too. Cant believe my little man is getting so old so fast. Makes me feel old too .....especially with Nick approaching the big 3-0. 

Headed off to our next adventure this weeked.....camping!! we are very excited and I must say....dang its alot of work to go camping. But we are makin memories, so its all worth it!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trying to be like the big boys!

After watching Nick, Blake and Connor over the weekend, Kason has of course been inspired to wakeboard. Here he is practicing some of his moves....and yes.... that is rain boots duct taped to a foam board. Kason's idea of course, and a pretty good one at that. The only problem is the duct tape gives out after awhile. We have gone through 2 rolls since his invention. I guess we gotta get him on a real one behind the boat! This crazy kid just seems to be made for extreme sports. Poor me. I have to much anxiety to deal with that!!! Luckily he is very cautious so at least he will think things through before he attempts anything too wild. Kohen on the other hand has no fear. He's the one I'm going to have to look out for!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband who is the best daddy in the world to our boys!! We are so lucky to have him...he exceeds my expectations every day I am so happy Kason and Kohen have him as an example of what a dad and husband should be. I have been extremely impressed with all of Nicks 'skills' throughout our marriage. He seems to know how to do it all- from fixing anything, to building everything. He is quite the handy man. These boys are soooo lucky to be able to learn so much from him! We love you honey!!!

Here are some of my favorite daddy moments.........

And of course, Happy Fathers Day to my daddy.....who was always a great example of what to look for and expect in a husband. (I wish I had some old daddy daughter pics to post) And for being a wonderful Grandpa to these boys....they love their grandpa Randy or Grandpa Annie as  Kason would say while learning to talk....we always got a kick out of that.

We are so thankful for daddys and grandapas!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally Four!!

Kason was so ready for this day! He has been anticipating turning 4 for months now. It all began in March when Kohen and cousin Kora both had their birthday parties and he just couldn't wait till it was his turn. Well the day has finally arrived.... I can't believe I am the mom of a four year old. We are so proud of him and the big boy he is becoming! There are so many things I love about this little boy!

Here is a little bit about Kason:

He is such a sweetheart! Sometimes, out of the blue he'll say..."i sure love you honey" in the softest sweetest little voice...It melts my heart!Other times I will hear him 'comforting' Kohen when he is upset. He is so kindhearted.

On the flipside, he can be quite the opposite at times too. Just depends on his mood and amount of sleep he has had. He can go one extreme, or the other. (Hmmmm, wonder where he gets that from???) But the good always outweighs the bad:)

He loves riding his bike, and is becoming quite good at it. Freaks me out a little because he is so fearless when riding (and need I remind you that is how Nick almost lost his foot.)

He is so smart and is constantly asking questions, some of them I dont even know how to answer!! It amazes me the way his brain works sometimes. He is quite the deep, analytical thinker....he gets that from me, which I can say is both a blessing and a curse. Things have to be very precise, and according to his exact specifications or we risk a meltdown....although they are becoming few and far between, thankfully!!

He loves playing pretend, anything to be like his daddy. His most recent imitation is to come.....

He is obsessed with Buzz lightyear, and all things astronaut and space related. (inspiration for party theme)

His brother Kohen is his best friend, (and at times his worst enemy). They play so well together and Kason is really starting to take on the responsibility of setting a good example for his brother.

His favorite color is green

His favorite foods are: fruit (any kind), hot dogs, pizza, and toaster strudels (exact quote here)

He loves playing with his cousins

He loves being at the lake, boating, and playing in the sand

He loves cuddles, stories and songs at bedtime...anything to delay going to sleep.

I love this little guy so much and am so thankful for the blessing he is to our family. I have learned a lot about myself from him because we are so similar. I honestly cant believe he is 4 and getting ready to start preschool this fall. Wow, how time flies!!

Here are some of my favorite Kason moments:

First Day Home from Hospital

This one was included to document how much Connor has grown up!

6 Months Old


Stitches Before his first birthday....poor little guy!

First Summer by the pool with Kora

One of my favorite pics from 2007- 1 year old

                                                                       Easter 2008

March 2008

 Kason and Connor 4th of July 2008

Camping 2009

                     Halloween 2009-Marks the beginning of the Buzz obsession!

Christmas 2009

Tomorrow it the big party day. We have quite the day planned. Begins in the morning with breakfast at IHOP and then we are  going to see Toy Story 3!! Party with friends and family in the evening. Going to be eventful. Post  and pics to come!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What a Weekend!

To say we enjoyed the weather over the weekend is an understatement! We loved every minute of the well deserved heat and sunshine! We took full advantage, of course, and headed straight to the lake for some boating time:) We were lucky that Kiley and her family were out there for the day too so the kids were in heaven. It was by far the most relaxing boating experience yet with the kids. They were so well behaved and had such a great time. I am sure it helped that they had cousins on board:) But it really was absolutely perfect. I even remembered my camera:)


 We are looking forward to many more weekends like this!

Our first camping trip is in 2 weeks and I am both nervous and excited. We are going solo (no help from grandparents or Connor) so it should be interesting. We have always relied on my mom to pack those little essentials you forget about and she wont be there!The hardest part is acquiring all the gear! But I know we will have a blast. The boys are at a great age this year. They love being outside, just like their daddy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Favorite Moments from May

The month of May was a whirlwind. I can't believe that we are really well into June.... right on the heels of summer. We are excited for many fun festivities and camping trips that are quickly approaching. I am crossing my fingers that I will find the time to post about all of the fun going on! I know life is going to feel even crazier here in the next few weeks than it already does!!! (is that really possible??) but I will do my best!

Looking back on May it seems as if it was our summer warm up.....(not talking weather here). Lots of family time outside, time at the lake and a few boat rides. Nick, Blake and Connor were all even brave enough to go wake surfing!! (wish I had pics of that!!) Not to mention, Kiley's 30th Birthday which was a blast! We also found time for a few backyard picnics and tested out the new sprinkler and slip-n-slide.With all of that 'practice' we are officially prepared for summer itself, heat and all. Bring it on!!