Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kashton's Baby Blessing

October 16th was the day Kashton had his baby blessing. I can't believe that was already 2 weeks ago! We had family and friends join us at church that day and then everyone came over to our house for a yummy lunch. I made White Chili Chicken soup for the first time and it was a major success. Yummy. Kashton's blessing was Nick's first opportunity at giving a priesthood blessing (aside from the 'night before first day of school daddy blessing'). I think I was more nervous than he was! He, to no surprise, did an amazing job and gave Kashton such a beautiful blessing. These boys are so lucky to have Nick for a daddy. And, of course Kashton looked so very handsome. It was a great day.

I had hoped to get a picture of the whole family, but since the cousins were over, the 'big boys' were nowhere to be found:)