Friday, November 26, 2010

So Much to be Thankful For!!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year! The snow on the ground made the day feel so festive. I have to admit that I have been listening to Christmas music all week long. My usual rule is to wait until after Thanksgiving, but I couldn't resist:) Nick is already annoyed with it...looks like it will be a very long month for him.

With the Thanksgiving holiday comes thoughts and focus on the things in life which we a grateful for. The list can get rather long, as there are so many things...both big and small to be thankful for. At the very top of my list is my family, both my little immediate one, as well as extended. I feel like I have the best fam in the world!  (although I am sure most people feel the same) We spent this Thanksgiving with the Kenworthy side of the family, and everyone was able to be there...including Brady and Whit and adorable baby Boden, and uncle Blake. They all traveled so long and far to be here! The trip which usually takes around 7 hours, took them 14 due to the weather. What troopers!! I am so glad they braved the elements to be able to be here. Kason and Kohen absolutely LOVE their uncles and Whitney, and think Boden is pretty awesome. I now have approval to have another baby:)

Festivites began on Wednesday when the adults all went to see Harry Potter (my brothers are obsessed) I cant remember the last time we all went to a movie together! Good times! Turkey day consisted of a family photo session that lasted mabye 3 minutes long...we. nearly froze to death, but did manage to get a good shot of everyone (see below) Dinner was at the Max restaurant, which was a new thing for us...usually we are traditional all the way, but couldnt resist a great opportunity to be with extended family. Food was yummy, and best of clean up! Only complaint was zero leftovers for a TG midnight snack:) We plan on doing our own little thanksgiving dinner on sunday, so we will get our fill then. The day ended up at Kileys where we played games, ate yummy pie and the kids got their annual Christmas gift from Grandma Lori of Christmas jammies and books. This inspired photo session #2 which was quite interesting....trying to get 6 kids all looking at the camera at the same time was next to impossible...but we got it:) Before going home the boys got their first experience playing rockband...they loved it and are hooked!

The boys and the cousins "Rockin"

Now...time to begin the preparations for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween....May the Force be with you...

This year Halloween was a bit crazy for us. The holiday took place only 3 days after moving so we felt a bit discombobulated to say the least. We did manage to find lots of play time and even had some family over to celebrate and go trick-or-treating. It actually turned out to be quite a relaxing evening, and the kids had a blast with their cousins and LOVED being in their costumes. Kason has a had a slight obsession with Star Wars over the past few months, which gave him the bright idea to be Annakin Skywalker. Kohen played into the theme and was the cutest Yoda in the world. We had quite a few lightsaber duels at our house that day!! Here are some pics of the fun....

Kasons mask I know is a little creepy....
Not to mention the creep-o in the back. That would be Nick and his sense of humor:)

Much this handsome face!

The Jedi Master:)

Jedi Brothers

The boys and their cousins....the trick-or-treating gang

Another shot of Nicks 'costume' since the background in the first one is so dark. Gotta love him!!

My favorite thing about Halloween is that it marks the beginning of the Holiday Season. Here we go...I LOVE this time of year!! Looking forward to all of the fun festivities headed our way these next couple months!!