Monday, June 23, 2008

A Belated Happy Father's Day

I didnt get a chance to do a post last week, but I couldnt leave out telling my wonderful hubby Happy Father's Day! He is such an amazing daddy to our boys, they are so incredibly lucky!

Here's some pics of daddy and the boys. As you can see, Kason is always Nick's little sidekick. He loves his daddy more than anything!

Kason is using the golf club as his weed and their imaginations. I love it!

Kason is obsessed with mowing the lawn....if only he could push the real one!

And of course, Nick with baby Kohen, who cant wait to join in all the fun!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Post Falls Days

Well, the annual Post Falls Days took place over the weekend and we managed to find a bit of sunshine to enjoy some of the festivities. Kasons favorite was the giant bounce toy. He had a blast and we had a heck of a time getting him to leave. It wasnt quite "adult" size, but I eventually had to go in and drag him out. It was actually fun being in there and getting to see him enjoying himself so much. I think he would have stayed in there all day!

We then headed over to the little carnival and there was a ride where you sit in cars and pretend to drive while it moves along a track. Kason saw it and was so excited, and I thought for sure he would love it. Well, he did....until it began moving. Once he realized he was in motion, he had a panic attack and the carni had to stop the ride to let him out. I couldnt help but laugh. Hes a lot like his mom. Fortunately, I was able to snap a pic before the ride started, when he was actually having fun!
Nick and I were also able to go on our first date since Kohen's arrival. We got Grandma and Grandpa Pintler to babysit and we had a wonderful time. It was very relaxing and the food was DELICIOUS! I love being able to actually talk to my hubby and enjoy his company without worrying about Kason throwing a tantrum or doing flips off of his chair. Wish we could do it more often, but I did miss my little boys.

Kissing Games

Part of Kason's bedtime routine is giving kisses to Mommy, Daddy and little brother before going down for the night or naptime. We all love getting our kisses, but Kason (who is always pushing the limits) began taking it a bit too far. It started out with family kisses, then he decided he had to give his toy car, the TV, car keys, tables, and various toys bedtime kisses too. Even though this is simply his way of delaying bedtime, Nick and I thought it was hillarious the first couple times he did it. But, this is a bit ridiculous.

The lovely print on Kasons face is that of our outdoor firepit cover. Yes folks, he gave that dirty thing a kiss.

Dont worry, it wasnt in use at the time.