Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Kason celebrated his 2nd birthday on June 17, I know, I am a little behind (the story of my life lately). We had a family bbq the weekend before which was tons of fun. I forgot to buy candles for the cake (believe it or not), so we improvised and made our own out of wooden skewers. Sad, I know. it didnt work as well as we hoped so poor Kason didnt get to blow out any candles. Better luck next year I guess:)

He may not have had candles, but he got a lot of great presents. His favorite of the day was a pretend saw from aunt Shelly and uncle Rick. Go figure....another "be like daddy" toy. Those are the best. He looked so cute with the safety goggles on sawing the carpet.

On his actual bday, which was a Tuesday, we ventured up to Chuck E Cheese. He had such a blast with cousin Kora. He loved all the games and rides and learned a little lesson about money. He kept saying "more money" every time a ride would end. Now he has a better understanding of why Nick leaves each morning to go to work. He'll say 'money, cheese'....which translates too, 'Dads going to make money so we can go to Chuck E Cheese again.' Its pretty cute. Here are some pics of the fesivities