Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A little bit of lately....

Dang! I had such high hopes for my blogging achievements in 2012, yet I went almost 3 months with zero postings (aside from the 2 latest ones). Yikes. Update necessary. I have many reasons for my lack of updates, but nonetheless I need to catch up a bit. These boys seem to be getting bigger by the day and it must be documented! Part of the reason for lack of postings is that I have not taken nearly as many pics as I used to. My iPhone, I have decided, is both a blessing and a curse. Becuase it takes pretty good pics, I rarely get out my canon which seems to 'capture the moment' a heck of a lot better. Therefore, I have bits and pieces of life from my iPhone and almost none taken this entire year with my canon. This needs to change! I was crazy about taking pictures before! What has happened to me? Hmm, could it be the addition of a 3rd child, and hubby starting new job where he travels like a mad man. Yes I think that may be why. But whatever the reason/excuse I am vowing to get out my ol canon and start clicking away like I used to!! 

Lets start with the biggest boy Kason. Wow, what an amazing little man we have! His conferences last month could not have gone any better. He is making leaps and bounds of progress academically at school. He is way above all the little benchmarks which makes me feel so very proud. I know how hard it is for this little guy to concentrate and focus. He is doing so well. The only negative side to this is that now, my decision to have him do kindergarten again due to being so young has gotten a lot more difficult to make. He certainly doesnt need to repeat....but I just dont know what would be better for him in the long run! I dont want him always being the young little guy!! Anyways that is my vent. We will see. Decision must be made soon....

Then theres Kohen. His conferences meltled my heart. His teacher had SO many great things to say about him and it made me so happy. She told me he is an amazing helper and example in class and he is very creative and artistic. She agrees with Nick and I that there is something amazingly special and unique about his personality. He really does light up the room. She also showed me some of his drawings and pointed out his attention to detail. I have a hunch he may have a little artist inside like his daddy (this trait MOST DEFINITELY does not come from me!) He loves preschool and is thriving there. Makes me so happy.

Then theres Kashton. He is exactly what I need everyday. I always knew he was such a blessing....but I see now how absolutely necessary he is. And I already feel his place and purpose in our family. There are days where I am grouchy and tired and dont feel ready for the day to strart, but then I go to get him out of his crib and his littles smiles and giggles and spastic leg/arm moves of excitement ALWAYS make me smile. He has such a sweet spirit and has a easygoing temperment. I am so blessed and so lucky. He is growing too fast.

As for the man of the house, he has been working his tail off. I am so proud of him, so proud in fact that I think he deserves his own post. stay tuned....:)