Saturday, April 30, 2011


Our Easter holiday was wonderful this year. We were spoiled and got to spend the day with both sides of the family, the Kenworthys and the Pintlers. Shelly and Rick were generous enough to open their home to my huge family which made the day so fun. We got the best of both worlds:) The weekend began with, of course, dying Easter eggs. We skipped this event last year because Kohen was still a little young and it would have been more crazy and messy than fun and enjoyable. But this year was great. Both boys really got into it, and surprisingly, we had a very minimal mess when all was said and done. They turned out pretty cute...

The finished product

Kason was sick of pictures.....

Sunday we got to do the "traditional" egg hunt...I use the word traditional loosely, because this was not like the egg hunts I remember as a kid. Shelly and Rick, along with the help of Renne' (family friend) filled nearly 500 eggs! The eggs were filled with candy, money, gift cards, and little gifts (redeemable tickets for gifts). Kason and Kohen both made out like bandits, finding an iTunes gift card, a substantial amount of cash and cute little sandpails and shovels. Not to mention the enormous amount of candy...

The hunt was followed by an incredibly delicious dinner with all the Easter fixins and getting to spend time with loved ones. It was a perfect day....we are so very grateful to have such a wonderful family, we are truly blessed!!

A few of the guests......

The whole group...minus Shelly (the photographer and host)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just an update...

Well ideally my April posts would be about the fun we are having outside with the arrival of spring , accompanied by many outdoor pictures. But this April has been a I have neither of the 2 to share. This April has been full of rain and cold....and lots of it. Yesterday it snowed. And the day before, it snowed also. I hate to complain too much about it, I mean at least we arent dealing with earthquakes and tsunamis, but I am ready for some warmth! I have very high hopes for May, hoping mother nature has lots of sun in store for us! I want to set up pools, and sprinklers outside and let the boys run around in swim trunks all day while I bask in the blazing sun. Hopefully my wishes come true sooner, rather than later:)

Luckily, we have had so much going on that I have been able to keep very busy to pass the time. The boys finished up their year at Preschool (I know, a couple months early) and are getting to spend those mornings at Grandma and Grandpa Pintlers house. They LOVE it. They enjoyed school, but they feel extra spoiled getting to go to grandpas instead. I cut back my hours at work a bit due to the pregnancy, so I am done at noon each day (only work Tuesdays and Thursdays) so this has worked out nicely. I have enjoyed the lighter load, but am struggling with not being able to take on new clients! But I keep reminding myself that will be a good thing as I get more pregnant and and even more so once this little one arrives.

Speaking of my work, I have started teaching barre classes, which I have fallen in love with! I went to Seattle late in March for my training and have been spending the last few weeks learning the routine and coreagraphy. We got the ballet barre installed at the studio last week and held the first class yesterday. It is so fun and I am so excited to be able to teach it. The only problem is it is very challenging, so I am not sure just how long me and my pregnant belly can do it for! Hoping my clients learn it well enough that I can verbally teach:) It will be a great tool to help me get back into shape once I have the baby:)

Nick has been very busy at work, and has been doing a tiny bit of traveling while he can. Once I get super pregnant that option is off the table, so its just as well that he do it now. He still enjoys his job and is really starting to find his groove. It took awile for him to adjust to a new position that didnt exist before him, but he has really started to get the hang of things:) I can sense less stress from him, so I know things must be running more smoothly:)

The boys are as busy as ever and are seeming so old! We registered Kason for kindergarten and he will start this fall. I was hesitant because he has a June birthday and I didnt want him to be the youngest, but he is ready for more structure and learning. I will probably just have him repeat it again next year unless he excells and is comfortable with being the youngest. We will see how it goes. I just didnt want this critical year to be a waste. We looked into private kindergarten or Pre-K, but it was so dang expensive! So we are going to go this route and see how he does. I just cant believe he is old enough to be a kindergartner! They grow so fast!:) Kohen has become such a little man lately. He dresses himself (surprisng because Kason STILL asks for help getting dressed) and does most things on his own. He is talking so well and his tantrums are becoming less frequent. Both boys are so excited to have a baby brother, and want him to 'come out now'. This little guy will be so lucky to have such great big brothers!

Life is good!