Thursday, July 28, 2011

Belly Update....

It is crazy to think this pregnancy is almost over! As much as it seemed to be dragging on, the end has come out of nowhere. It has been a fairly easy pregnancy, I have LOVED being pregnant in the summertime, it has allowed me to be able to get out of the house and remain pretty active. Granted, it has been a very mild summer, only hitting 90 twice, so my feelings may have been different if we had more intense heat the last few months. But it really has been fabulous! My only complaints are crazy intense heartburn and extreme fatigue that will come and go without warning:)

I have spent the last few weeks in my 'nesting mode'. I almost have everything ready to go. Just need to finalize a few details in the nursery and pack my hospital bag. I am so ready to meet this little bundle. He is going to be so loved and adored in our family. The boys are beside themselves with excitement and anticipation. They are going to make such wonderful big brothers!

Yesterday at the doctor I found out I was dialated to a 2 and 50% effaced, so we are making progress! Makes me a little nervous since my labors have been crazy fast (5 hours with Kason, and only 4 with Kohen) and I've never dialated past a 1 prior to labor. Hopefully I make it to the hospital!!  We also found out that he weighs about 6 lb 11 oz. I had to have an ultrasound to determine weight because I was measuring small (only a 32 and 37 weeks which was a bit freaky). But he's healthy and big and we are so ready to see his cute little face!

Thanks to my amazing sister in law Shelly, we got some beautiful 'belly pics' taken last week. Here are a few of my favorites! She did such a great job and is a fabulous photographer!

4th of July Celebration

This year for the 4th of July we headed over to the Kenworthy's for a bbq and pool party during the day. We had a lot of fun getting to spend time with the extended Sanders family who we sadly dont get to see as often as we'd like. The weather actually cooperated and we got a nice clear, hot day (one of the few). Once dusk settled in, everyone ventured over to our house to take advantage of legalized fireworks in Idaho. The kids all had a great time lighting off and watching fireworks and making smore's. We learned that our house is PERFECT for watching fireworks. We got an incredible view of mutiple firework shows that seemed to be going on....not sure where they were coming from because they were pretty big and extravagent! Next year we will be saving our money and efforts and are simply going to park lawn chairs in the back and watch the amazing show take place! It was a very memorable holiday, we had a great time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camping 2011

Well, there is no way we can top last years camping trips, but we were committed to going at least a couple times this year. Our first trip was 3 weeks ago (late posting, I know!) and we headed to our favorite location: Porcupine Bay, Lake Roosevelt. The whole trip was far different than any other time we've been there before. For starters, the water level was pretty low which made getting to the beach quite a hike, instead of being steps away from it when water level is 'normal'. Also, the weather was not hot...we got warm and nice, but not HOT.  At least it didnt rain though! Also, being in the third trimester of pregnancy changes the camping experience a bit to say the least:) But we still had tons of fun and believe it or not, the trip was quite relaxing! I am proud of myself for simplifying the whole process this year. Our meals werent quite as fancy, but they tasted just as yummy! By 'letting some things go' I was able to still enjoy myself without exhausting myself! We also got to enjoy the company of the Rollins family one of the days which was awesome. We all had such a great time together!

Unfortunatately, this may have been our  ONLY camping trip this summer. We are running out of weekends before this little one arrives! We had originally planned on going again this weekend, but the weather has been far from cooperative, so we decided to call it off and stay home. Which is probably for the best. I have a lot of nesting to do!