Friday, October 19, 2012

Kashton's First Birthday!!

I feel like such a horrible mom that I never did Kashtons 1 year post. Not only did I miss the party post, but no posts on the milestones and  incredible changes this little guy has gone through recently. In my defense, however, he is SERIOUSLY the most busy little boy ever. We refer to him as animal quite often, because his behavior suits that title best. So I would like to think that it is because I have been too busy chasing after him to keep up on the blogging. Reality is, when he sees this post one day, he wont care that its over 2 months late. So here goes......

His Birthday throne
Can I just pause to say how AWESOME summer bdays are?! 
Being able to do the  cake smashing outdoors is the best thing ever!

The gift table

The 'other' desserts for the guests. Thank you Costco for your assistance in providing us some delicious treats. However, the carmel sauce you cant take credit for. And that was the bomb if I do say so myself.

Playing with his birthday hat

Love his round face and big brown eyes. He melts my heart. LOVE!!!!

I think the "little rebel" theme is quiete suiting.......

Time for Cake!

 Singing Happy Birthday:)

 Umm, is this all for me?? :)


 He did a pretty good job!! :)

"Bath" Time!
It was so great again, to be able to be outside for this!!

We have a warm water faucet in our garage, so we were able to use a bucket for his bath. This was BY FAR his favorite part of his birthday party. This boy loves the water!!

I mean, really?? Does it get any cuter than this???

All Clean! Ready for some splashin time!!

 After Kashton was all cleaned up,
it was time for PRESENTS!

I just love how beefy he looks here:)

Chubby fave

Me and my boy. LOVE him

He LOVED his blue ball

What a HANDSOME little fella!!

Cant believe how FAST his first year flew by!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Camping Round 1- Riley Creek

This was the first of just 2 camping trips for us this year. It was our first time to Riley Creek which is settled along Priest River near Sandpoint. Its a great little spot. This trip was very spontaneous and was highly unorganized. When we cooked burgers for dinner, we had to use a spoon to flip them. Yes I had forgotten a spatula, among other things, yet those were some of the most delicious burgers I've ever had. And a great trip as well. Sometimes I guess it CAN be okay to go with the flow...... :)

Kason made leaps and bounds in his bravery in the water this year!! Soon, I can bet he will be ready to surf solo!!

How did I capture both Nick and Connor in the same pose?? Love it:)

I dont know how I missed the photo op of Kohen surfing. I must have been wrestling the monster child or something. But he surfed too, and rocked it as usual!!!!! 

Nick getting a 'real' ride, solo

Mini cereal boxes are a staple when camping with the Pintlers!!!

The walker seriously saved my life on this trip.
 Oh how I miss the walker and its ability to contain the beast child

We made Kash his own little private 'lake' to swim in. This was our first indication of how much this baby LOVES to play in the water. He was so content and so happy to just sit and play an splash!

The boys prepping for their little excursion

Kash and I chillin on the boat with uncle Connor

Nick was being his silly self practicing some ninja skills in his wet suit..... see what I put up with??

Paddling the boys over to jump off rocks

Watching daddy jump in, they went next. Loved this little experience!

Great trip! Definitely one for the books!!